A server to fuse and aggregate flight data and process it. It has modules for Airtraffic, Broadcast Remote-ID and DSS connectivity and can be configured to act as a "Remote ID Display Provider".

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Flight Blender

Flight Blender is two things:

There are different modules that enable this:

First steps / Get Started

Normally a “Display Provider” is used in conjunction with a “Display Application”. In this case Flight Blender output is directed to a Flight Spotlight instance. You can customize an application instance by choosing what kind of modules you want to support, you can pick any or all from the above.

Openskies stack

Flight tracking data can be submitted to Flight Spotlight by an Display provider like Flight Blender via the accompanying software like Flight Launchpad, for more information see the diagram below



Docker and Docker Compose files are available for this software. You can first clone this repository using git clone https://www.github.com/openskies-sh/flight-blender.git and then go to the directory and use docker-compose up command.

This will open up port 8080 and you can post air-traffic data to http://localhost:8080/set_air_traffic and then start the processing.

Technical details

Submitting AOI, Flight Declarations and Geofence data

Take a look at sample data below to see the kind of data that can be submitted in Flight Blender

Image Credit

Blender Vectors by Vecteezy