A standards compliant Network Remote ID / Flight Authorisation / Geofence / Traffic Information server for UTM / U-Space. Includes integrations for consuming live flight data, non-repudiation of telemetry etc.

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Flight Blender

Flight Blender is a backend / data-processing engine to stand up standards-compliant UTM services that adhere to the latest regulations on UTM / U-Space in the EU and other jurisdictions. Specifically, it gives you:

There are different modules that enable this:

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Refer to the deployment repository to see how you can deploy this server along with instructions and sample environment file.

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OpenUTM stack

To visualize flight tracking data you can use a complementary application like Flight Spotlight. To submit data like Geofences etc. into Flight Blender beyond the API you can use the user interface provided by Spotlight, for more information see the diagram below.


Technical details

Submitting AOI, Flight Declarations and Geofence data

Take a look at sample data below to see the kind of data that can be submitted in Flight Blender

Image Credit

Blender Vectors by Vecteezy